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Green Valley Dental accepts most major dental insurances; however, these are the specific companies we participate with. This means we have special negotiated terms and accept discounted fees for patients with these policies.

Aetna Cigna
Met Life Guardian
Sun Life Financial Federal Employee Plan (FEP)

For patients with dental insurance, Green Valley Dental will always do our best to help you interpret and maximize your benefits. However, please understand that there are hundreds of different policies that we work with! We are happy to submit dental claims on your behalf as well as research your allowed maximums, deductibles, and eligibilities to the best of our ability. As a courtesy, we will directly bill them for re-imbursement towards your treatment. Please keep in mind that your insurance policy is a contract between you, your employer when applicable, and the insurance company. We ENCOURAGE our patients to familiarize themselves with their policy, as sometimes they can change when contracts renew, and often without clear communication.


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