The GVD Mission: Transform the Perception of Dentistry!

Who’s rushing into the office today to jump in the dental chair for some work!?…. uhhh, NO ONE!
It’s no surprise that even the thought of coming to see a dental team, creates a huge amount of anxiety and fear for a lot people these days. It’s been reported that between 10-20% of Americans don’t even go to the dentist due to their uncontrollable fears.
Unfortunately, this universal issue is one of the common problems we face as dental care providers…and we don’t blame anyone for feeling that way! From past experiences with old techniques, pain, fear of injections, uncompassionate providers, it’s certainly understandable how and why some people respond to the words DENTAL CARE the way they do.
The good news is, we are here and committed to changing that! Just recently, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to really discuss and dissect what causes people’s fears and hesitations. We’ve always been driven to deliver the best patient experience possible along with the most comfortable and honest treatment available. But what if we challenged ourselves to take those thoughts and goals to the next level? What if we set out to TRANSFORM THE PERCEPTION OF DENTISTRY?
It’s definitely no small task and a work in progress. As we move forward, we’ll continue to deliver the highest quality care along with the personal touches that our fearful patients need. But, be on the lookout over the next couple of months as our discussions continue and we unfold our plans to do what we can to create a much needed, positive wave in dentistry!

1 thought on “The GVD Mission: Transform the Perception of Dentistry!”

  1. I’ve recently moved back to Berks County from TN and am looking for a dentist. My coworker is very pleased with your practice, which is great. However, I have a true dental phobia and am wondering if you provide sedation dentistry?

    Thank you.

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